Please keep these people on your prayer list for an indefinite time, their needs are continuous.

    • Marge Albright
      Minda Arenas & Family
      Fred Bowen
      Olivia Farris
    • Alex Fiala
    • Helen Fisher
    • Karen Flaherty
    • Daryl Gaskill
    • Family of Frances Gaskill
    • Kim Gibson
    • Hannah Goetz
      Peggy Gray
    • Christine Griggs (daughter of George Rollins)
    • Family of Frances Haddock
    • Betty Harrison
    • Illene Hasty
    • Harriet & Ed Heath
    • Nenet Ibey
      Florie Mangahis
    • Marsha & Zack Mansell
      Hazel Martin
      Jessica Brown Matthews
      Jax Midgett (grandson of Sherry Midgett)
      Sherry Midgett
      Brad Osmore
      Bill & Dot Parker
      Dick Parron
      Dale Pendergraft
      Sandra Pope (daughter of Frances Johnson)
      Tim Rary (son of Linda & Harold Rary)
      Peggy Ruble
      Joy Rushacoff
      Karen Sagath
      Betty Shifferly
      Garry Smith
      Kara Anne Wagner (granddaughter of George Martin)
      Ruth Watts
    Brenda Williams (daughter of Clarence Norton)
The following members are in assisted living and need our ongoing prayers.

    • Ruby Austin – The Terrace @ Beth Shalom (Rm 118)
    • Joyce Baker – Beth Shalom (Rm 214)
    • Helen Fisher – Atria of Virginia Beach (Rm 214)
    • Peggy Gray – Georgian Manor (Rm 47)
    • Marge Medcalf – Mayfair House (Rm 204)
    • Larry & Garry Smith – James River Convalescent
    Sarah Sudduth – Mayfair House (Rm 101)
PLEASE NOTE:  We will keep people on this list for four weeks, however, if their needs are continuous they may be added to the continuous prayer list and to the newsletter.  

    • Marge Albright
      Alex Fiala,
      Family of Frances Gaskill,
      Hannah Goetz,
      Peggy Gray,
      Christine Griggs,
      Family of Frances Haddock
      Illene Hasty,
      Ed & Harriet Heath,
      Al Jeffers,
      Hazel Martin,
      Jax Midgett,
      Sherry Midgett,
      Sofia Mutya & family,
      Bill & Dot Parker,
      Dick Parron,
    • Dale Pendergraft,
    • Vicky Querimit & family,
    • Tim Rary,
      Early Santos & family,
      Ruth Watts,Our Country, Police Officers, Troops, and for Peace Around the World

Robert & Laurie Metzger, Austa Midgett, Edna Midgett

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