Please keep these people on your prayer list for an indefinite time, their needs are continuous.

    • Marge Albright
      George Barnett
      Thomas Bell (son of Craig Bell)
      Fred Bowen
      Sharon & Ray Bravo
      Catherine Charlton
      JoAnn Cherry
      Jennifer Claypool (daughter of Jeanne Wright) Sam Coco
      Rommuel Damasco & Family
      Wendy Davy (daughter of Vernon Bloodgood) Jean deVira
      Raven Dunlo
      Tara & Jon Eskander 
      Alex Fiala
      Betty Franklin
      Angelo & Sabrina Frederick
      Leo Gangoy
      Kim Gibson
      Hannah Goetz
      Christine Griggs (daughter of George Rollins) Ellen Gwaltney
      Vicky Haskell (daughter of Donald Lambert)
      Jack Hasty
      Ed & Harriet Heath
      Nannet Ibay
      Angel Leonardo & family
      Marsha & Zack Mansell
      Jax Midgett (grandson of Sherry Midgett)
      Bette Moore
      George Moore
      Bill & Dot Parker
      Dick Parron
      Dale Pendergraft
      Sandra Pope (daughter of Frances Johnson) Norma Rabara
      Remegio Ramos
      Reymond & Margie Pascual & family
      Joy Rushacoff
      Betty Shifferly
      Terry Smith
      Perla & Ben Soloria
      Kara Anne Wagner (granddaughter of George Martin)
      Norman & Janice Wasson
      Ruth Watts
      Brenda Williams (daughter of Clarence Norton
      Jeanne & Bill Wright
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    The following members are in assisted living and need our ongoing prayers.
      Joyce Baker – Citadel Nursing Center
      Peggy Gray – Georgian Manor (Rm 47)
      Marge Medcalf – Mayfair House (Rm 204)
      George Rollins – Gentry Park Orlando
      Garry Smith – James River Convalescent
      • Sarah Sudduth – Mayfair House (Rm 101)
PLEASE NOTE:  We will keep people on this list for four weeks, however, if their needs are continuous they may be added to the continuous prayer list and to the newsletter.  

    • Family of Ruby Austin,
      Amy Bowen,
      Bowen Family
      Sharon & Ray Bravo
      Jeremy Brosdahl,
      Ray Carson,
      Laurie & Phyllis Embleton,
      Alex Fiala,
      Steve Fink,
      Family of Helen Fisher,
    • Leo Gangoy
      Myron Gray,
      Peggy Gray,
      Christine Griggs,
      Family of Illene Hasty,
      Ed & Harriet Heath,
      Rosana Hyder,
      Nanette Ibay,
      Angel Leonardo & family,
      Summer Mangubat,
      Marsha, Zack & family,
      Hazel Martin,
      Jax Midgett,
      Sherry Midgett,
      Bill & Dot Parker,
      Dick Parron,
    • Nicole Piland,
    • Norma Rabara,
    • Lolit Ramos & family,
    • Remegio Ramos,
    • Linda Rary,
    • Reymond, Margie & family,
    • Perla & Ben Soloria,
    • Susan Sprouse,
    • Ruth Watts,
    • Pam & Eddie Williams (loss of mother),
      Our Country, Police Officers, Troops, and for Peace Around the World
    Angela & Patrick Rotella, Dan Rothermel, Rebecca Russell
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