Our Pastor




Thank you, St. Andrew’s UMC!

May! An active season of grass-cutting is here again!!! As my last Sunday is approaching, I am feeling that I am surrounded by many beautiful memories and episodes for the last four years.

In mid June, 2014… When my family and I moved to the parsonage at Early Drive, it was very hot! Later I heard that it was very challengeable year to St. Andrew’s UMC. And it was the same to me indeed.

The first Asian-American pastor in a history of St. Andrew’s UMC…
This honorable title required more than my English training…
To do my first Cross-racial ministry, aka Anglo-ministry, I had to rebuild my ministry from the beginning.

Still I remember my first Sunday morning at St. Andrew’s UMC.
9:30 am…
9:45 am… I was supposed to stand in my pulpit to preach in English.
However, I was praying this in my office…

“My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet not what I want but what you want.” Matthew 26:39b NRSV

My ministry began with this prayer. However, how can I express my thankful heart to you all? You waited, encouraged, and supported with patience and tolerance. My ministry could not be done without all your love and support!

For the last four years, we all had beautiful dreams and did a wonderful ministry. My two kids fully enjoyed their life in this lovely parsonage. They will miss all their memories with the parsonage!

It was my honor and privilege to serve St. Andrew’s UMC. You all will take many pages in my memory whenever I think of my ministry journey.

Love and Blessings,
(Two months left to pick up pine cones…)