Our Pastor




After the busiest October…

It is November! You don’t know how I have waited for November so much. Why? October is gone! October in St. Andrew’s UMC… how it was so busy! Fall Fling, many committee meetings, a Church Council meeting, Laity Sunday, a cluster charge conference (Hooray!), a gospel music concert on Wednesday night, Youth mission presentation on another Wednesday night, and Trunk or Treat… Wow, there were so many programs and activities in this month of October!

Had it not been for all your prayers and support, it would not be made at all. Let’s look at our calendar together. Only November and December. How blessed we are because we welcome these months without church meetings! I am so excited to meet you all in the Fall Bible study. In the month of Thanksgiving, we get to share love and thankful hearts with our family, friends, and neighbors… what a joy it is!

Please fill these last two months with thoughts on Jesus, Thanksgiving to the Lord and expecting to meet the Lord to come. You may need wisdom to manage your busy life to meet the Lord. To meet the Lord must be your main business, so please don’t let your business take your main business.

From the beginning of November, we observe All Saints Sunday. It is the moment to commemorate all those who were called by God ahead of us. Sharing beautiful and good memories about all of them, praying for their families, and reminding the reason why God let us be here and now… Just by thinking of all these things, your November will be blessed.

Blessings to you all,